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About Us

My team and I are strategic thought leaders with over 25 years of experience architecting and delivering advanced hardware and software solutions for private corporations and public sector organizations. Programs implemented by our team help organizations deliver strong technological innovation, help align industry leaders with a substantial competitive advantage while (or by) focusing on technology transformation, increasing productivity, reducing cost, cloud migration and organizational security. Our team has a strong track record of building versatile, top-tier technology teams, coaching and modivating staff into new transformational models, and delivering sessions to help both business and technology teams work bettter-together.

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So many organizations are failing because of the disconnect between the business and technology.


Learn how to communicate with both technical and non-technical talent, aligning teams for success, and reduce friction to generate action.


Leverage life hacks to motivation, goal setting, goal achieving, limit procrastinating, staying motivated and success in/with technology.


We help companies deliver results by providing qualified and skilled subject matter experts to help augment deficiencies and burst on projects.

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Our services includes strategic planning, technological innovation, IT architecture, applications, security and production with large ERP, cloud providers, ITIL, coaching, data science technologies, and technology coaching and speaking. We apecialize in blending visionary insight and sharp business planning skills to strategize large-scale technological change initiatives and turnaround management. We are reguarded as strong change agents, with strong people skills, business acumen, technical expertise and management experience to drive growth and competitiveness.

| Technology Transformation

| Business Process Re/Development

| Enterprise Architecture Design

| Amazon Cloud Services

| Information Security

| Technical Coaching

| Speaking

| A.I. & Deep Learning

Somewhere, some how, over the last three years - technolgy has gone from the caboose to the engine.

~ Chris Chiancone

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